Advertising and Marketing are Very Important to Brand Your Business.

In order to have more customers and generate more sales it is very common that a business competes with one another and this is very easy to approach when your business has planned on marketing strategies.

Why may I need a Logo?

A logo is part of the identity of your product or business, so if you want customers to remember your product you must have an unique and memorable name, graphic o mark on that product, in short a way to be recognizable among others.

Need to be Heard?

Social Media right now is a big deal with business. It is very easy to keep in touch with your customers by having a page with Facebook, Twitter or YouTube with no charge to you! For any of those social media channels, users can have an account for free and for some it is the only way to keep in touch with other relatives and friends and bingo! you can advertise there!. My advice is try everything possible to keep your business running and bringing more customers, with much more reason social media.
Social Media is good for any business, but when it comes to buying power it is not very efficient, so I recommend to set a balance and invest on the sites that you may think is better for your business.

My Business is Adequate, is a Website Going to Help Me?

A website is great to post all the information that you can not fit in a flyer or the pictures that are not allowed in other sites. Consider a website as a portfolio for your customers, a place where whenever they want more info about your product or service they’ll find you. More than 50% average of customers in different businesses use the web as a reference from those, 40% actually spends money on that business.

A website is a great tool to advertise your events and sell your products. Think again if a website is good for your business… personally I think so.

Print Advertising

Is good to keep in mind that older generations may not have access to internet or social media sites, so print media is the only tool to get to them, customers may look for businesses for very short period of time, but if they don’t find it, they will go to the next business.

Advertising on line and printing may take you to reach your target audience.

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