My goal is to develope an interactive website to publish events and concert information along with media such as audio, video and pictures to attract new customers in the website. Set up a plataform so customers can buy tickets in the same website without leaving the site. EVentertainment requires: Provides a modern web presence Increases and converts visitors Offers relavent information for events Offer customers to secure buy the tickets for the events Come up with a system to avoid ticket duplication and decline tickets Retain all the customers information to send them offers of upcoming events, such as newsletter services. Also required is a content management system that will allow to easily manage content on the site. Client Needs New website with dinamic content to retain personal information in a data base. This information can be access from the admin panel or the user can modify their information. Mainly reason of building a site like this is to provide the confort of buying the tickets for the event in the website, then show the ticket at the concert and redeem. Install a plataform to generate authentic ticketing solution for the company. Solution We recommend the development of a completely original site, built from the ground up with original graphic design elements. A strong emphasis will be placed on attracting new clients through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The site will be develope in a data base platform to provide more interacting with users. Gear Estudio Marketing will be the hosting and developing company for this project. I offer Eddie a website system like ticket master site, to create and promote the events as well as promoting and selling their tickets online.
  • Skills : PHP, Database Website
  • Release Date : 05/20/2013
  • Client : EV Entertainment
  • Copyright : Valdivia Entertainment
  • Project's Link : http://BoletosAqui.com

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