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It has been proved that search engines respond favorably to those who maintain an active social media account. When you social media page is link to your website, you may improve the rankings of your site on the search engine driving more customers to your site.
Some Facts:
Facebook generates more weekly traffic in US than Google
Twitter – 66% of users say Twitter influences their purchasing decisions
WordPress – Blogging platform that runs 49% of all blogs (also SEO friendly)
YouTube – The second largest search engine in the world
It is very important to set up correctly your accounts, all these social networks don’t have any live support and violating their rules may get your account terminated. Here at GEAR ESTUDIO we take care of all that, so you can concentrate on your business. We design coherently through out all the platforms and social networks; online and print you are the same for your customers.
You have something to say about your business? Do you need to promote your business on You Tube or make a professional contact on LinkedIn? A sale, promotion or just a hello! to your followers on Twitter and likes from Facebook, here at GEAR ESTUDIO we know exactly how to make your point across!

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